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Installation issues on VS2013, Win10

Env: Windows 10, VS 2013 Ultimate Program Files Folder: relocated to D:\Program Files Documents folder: relocated to E:\Documents Existing custom modules in E:\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Module...

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Missing VS 2015 support?

Removed package 'StudioShell.Provider.1.6.4' from folder '...' \StudioShell.Provider.\tools\Init.ps1 : The current version of Visual Studio (14) is not supported At line:1 char:1 & '...\p...

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Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell, Version=' on import

I have Visual Studio Professional 2012 (Update 5) and StudioShell 1.6.5 installed (full install, not the nuget package) When I try to import the StudioShell module in a standard Powershell host, ...

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Project folder for name with a dot

Spotted an issue where you create a vs project with a dot in the name like this: new-item "dte:\solution\projects\myproj.test" -type classlibrary The project created is myproj.test but the pr...

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Slow Intellisense in ISE After Install of StudioShell

Without even invoking the module, the install of StudioShell caused slow responsiveness from ISE's Intellisense. Based on this, I did some investigation of the the module path as that was the only...

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AddFromTemplate returns null

The current implementation of AddFromTemplate is just a stub on the original DTE method, which returns null by design as of MSDN:

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Within VS copy and paste not pasting the newlines correctly.

Within the studioshell window if I paste a multi-line statement, like a function, it pastes correctly "visually", but upon hitting enter to eval it, the new line characters will not taken into acco...

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provider freezes VS 2013 on tab-autocomplete

In both NuGet and StudioShell powershell console, if I use the tab-autocomplete in the Solutions/Projects folder, the entire VS2013 environment will hang and freeze indefinitely. Tried on multip...

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Not working with Visual Studio 2013 Update 2

When I run the installer, it seems to work, but when I select the StudioShell item from the view menu get the series of messages in the attached file.

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ESC does not clear current line

In powershell, hitting the ESC key clears the current line. In StudioShell ESC does not clear the current line and causes the studioshell window to lose focus. This occurs in studioshell 1.6.5 runn...

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