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StudioShell 1.5.1

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Released: May 27, 2013
Updated: May 31, 2013 by beefarino
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Release Notes

1.5 includes many fixes to 1.3.1, as well as new support for VS 2012 and the ISE.

Added Features

  • 51: Added intercept for unsupported console applications. Attempting to run an known interactive console application from the StudioShell console will result in an error as it does in the ISE console (Studiosell should blacklist interactive command shells like ISE does).
  • 43: Add-in and build install support for VS 2012 (Support for VS2012).
  • Support for PowerShell v3 hosts.
  • Support for PowerShell v3 tab expansion mechanisms.
  • Invoke-Item now supported on commandbar buttons (menu items with actions, but not popups). Note that an error is raised if the commandbar button is disabled when invoked; because of this, buttons linked to scriptblocks are not immediately invokable, since these buttons are disabled when the StudioShell runspace is unavailable (such as during a call to invoke-item).
  • Cache templates are now listed in the dte:/templates hive.
  • Added Pester unit tests to source hive.

Resolved Issues

  • 55: Visual Studio version detection in nuget install script now uses product version of the environment command line (StudioShell won't install with Win7+VS2010).
  • 55: Installer now checks for OLE object definitions in HKCR to verify existence of Visual Studio installations (StudioShell won't install with Win7+VS2010).
  • Tab expansion works again for variable names.
  • 50: Error management and reporting has been revamped in several ways. First, exceptions explicitly thrown from the console are now reported rather than silently disappearing. Second, errors that occur during non-interactive use of the runspace, such as calculating the prompt or running a scriptblock as part of a menu item, no longer propagate out to the Visual Studio process as exceptions (Exceptions are being silently ignored).
  • You can now add a reference to a project by its name when the project is contained in a solution folder.
  • The installer no longer assumes default install locations, and instead uses paths from the registry to locate prerequisites.
  • Added StudioShellVersion entry to existing psversiontable variable.
  • Canceling a running pipeline (CTRL+SHIFT+C) doesn't require you to Tonya Harding the entire runspace anymore.
  • Fixed rename-item implementation to work against multiple matched path nodes.
  • Fixed CanGet property logic in ShellCodeProperty2.
  • Removed dependency on PostSharp; this allows StudioShell and PostSharp to be successfully used in the same instance of Visual Studio.
  • Fixed initialization script errors related to stricter variable interpolation rules introduces in PowerShell v3.
  • Addressed several issues with command bars; in particular, comboboxes have been removed as a control option since you can't create them via automation anyway.
  • Buttons are now the default itemtype for new-item when working in the commandbars path node.
  • The default StudioShell prompt was updated to remove the PowerShell Provider Path preamble in v3 hosts.
  • 42: Massive changes to NuGet init.ps1 logic. NuGet package now verifies the state of your Visual Studio session, as well as checking for installed versions of StudioShell before attempting a module install (Post-install errors).
  • New-Item in solution/projects no longer appends project file extension to project name. This can cause the VS template mechanism to fail in some situations and seems to set off VS2012 in a big way.
  • 26: Tab expansion behaves closer to the console standard (Studio Shell 1.2 (SSMS) - Tab Completion fails and replace whole line with the parameter).
  • The StudioShell module no longer adds its internal Scripts folder to the path. This was causing commands to be discovered as both functions of the module and script files, and generally mucking up the help for these script-based commands.
  • MSI installer now modifies Visual Studio current user registry settings, rather than machine-wide settings.
  • 27: Importing into the ISE is now functional (CodeOwls.StudioShell.Connect not found when importing module in PowerShell ISE).

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